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mediation efforts aimed at demarcating the disputed territory.
The perennial lack of employees and of financial resources at Funai is well-known to the authorities, who therefore shouldn't be surprised at the agency's slowness in demarcating Indian lands.
The main demand of fishermen was the scrapping of new maps demarcating fishing and shrimping sites and to allow access to coastal areas being grabbed for urbanisation schemes.
Demarcating the border, Ayuel added would make administration and governance of the border easier to manage.
But progress on demarcating the border has been slow.
If Syria starts demarcating the border at Shabaa Farms that will be an important sign to Hizbullah that continuing to arm it is no longer part of Syria's strategy.
Scott Chambers, the Managing Director of Surf Dubai, said that with the civic body earlier demarcating an area exclusively for swimmers, the whole idea was confusing.
My predictions will sometimes be wrong, demarcating the potential of education reform.
Moreover, some scholars warn of the danger in using Dokdo instead of Ullung-do as the cardinal point in demarcating an EEZ.
To prevent a similar recurrence, the two countries agreed to resume talks as early as in May on demarcating their EEZ in the waters near the islets.
The lines of the steps extend into the ground floor, demarcating the three main functions of the entrance area (lobby, 200 seat auditorium and exhibition space).
More than 50 ICTV study groups were given the task of demarcating the 1,550 viral species that were recognized in the 7th ICTV report, which was published in 2000.