demarcation line

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In the fully automated production process, machinery and tool advances ensure the color demarcation lines stay within the exacting tolerances at all times.
So far Mr Cameron has been allowed to get away with hiding behind his demarcation line.
Dale Best, head of leisure and amenities at the district council, said: "The pool has been retiled and new features include a red demarcation line at 1.
There are 1,500 dairy farmers in England who are located within SDAs, and while the majority are close to the demarcation line and running businesses that are very similar to their non-SDA neighbours, the likely flat rate payment will be one third of that paid to similar businesses across the `line'.
After becoming the first foreign government official to cross the demarcation line separating North and South Korea, Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey said Switzerland was prepared to act as a mediator to resolve the nuclear stand-off in the region.
2002-2 places certain significant limits on the penalty waiver, which can be interpreted as a demarcation line that the Service believes separates aggressive tax shelter transactions from potential criminal conduct.
We need a demarcation line between the tourists, the drunks, those who are just curious or trying to make a public statement and the terrorists," said Natter.
When the car moves close to a lane demarcation line, a light flashes to warn the driver.
warships and civilian vessels waters near the disputed demarcation line in the Yellow Sea where North and South Korean naval vessels clashed last June, according to the North's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).
According to Donna Ryan, in the first quarter of 1942, the department of the Var was wracked with a series of demonstrations by women demanding better food rations, cheaper wine, the elimination of the demarcation line dividing Occupied France from Vichy France,(18) the end of labor service in Germany(19) and the disbanding of the Milice.
Whereas each voice retains its particular perspective, there is no clear demarcation line where one voice stops talking and another begins, embedded as they all are in the firm objectivity of a flat, paratactical prose that gives the novel its muted tonality.
Telco Systems a BATM company (LSE: BVC) and a leading provider of Carrier Ethernet access solutions, has announced a new single-user Ethernet demarcation line card which simplifies the discovery and provisioning of remote devices and extends additional Ethernet OAM and remote testing capabilities to the customer edge.