demarcation line

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com/International/wireStory/dramatic-video-shows-escape-shooting-korean-defector-51315506) briefing that the North violated the armistice by "one, firing weapons across the MDL, and two, by actually crossing the MDL temporarily," referring to the military demarcation line that bisects the Koreas.
As the actors approach the demarcation line, they slide under the black-and-yellow ribbon to stand a foot away from the first row of seating.
Indeed, the security situation along the demarcation line leaves a lot to be desired, provocations are ongoing," Peskov said.
The rift between Spain and Portugal was, however, settled when Pope Alexander VI mediated an adjustment of the imaginary demarcation line to 370 leagues farther west, thus assigning Brazil to Portugal.
Following the meeting, deputy chief monitor of the OSCE's Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine Alexander Hug stated that the negotiation process is positive, though the sides are yet to reach an agreement on the demarcation line, which is needed in order to create the buffer zone stipulated by the Minsk agreements.
Korean soldiers approached the military demarcation line inside the
Beirut: An Israeli drone crashed inside Lebanon on Saturday, coming down close to the demarcation line with the Jewish state, a military source.
When soldiers from the West and the East met it determined the spheres of influence of each side and the demarcation line of the Cold War was decided.
When China and North Korea drew their borders in 1962, they agreed to use 124 degrees east longitude as their maritime demarcation line," reports Jeong Yong-Su for Korea JoongAng Daily.
What is the name of the demarcation line between North and South Korea?
Writing from the perspective of US establishment foreign policy concerns, he aims to detail the nature of the threat to the region and to the alliance between the US and South Korea by focusing on a number of key issues: the conventional military threat; North Korea's strategy in the Northern Limit Line area (the disputed maritime demarcation line in the Yellow Sea) and its relation to foreign and domestic policy; North Korea's nuclear capabilities and intentions and how the US would respond to a nuclear attack; North Korea's alleged support for terrorism (here Bechtol differs from even the US government, which removed North Korea from its state sponsors of terrorism list in 2008); and the North Korean succession process.
Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin called up EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the crisis in Georgia Philippe Lefort stressing that Moscow had several times raised the question of drawing a demarcation line between the conflicting territories, but Tbilisi seemed not interested.