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The diagonal seems to move in and out of space, demarking a geometrical structure, but the planes quickly reassert their flatness, reminding us that the illusion of depth is precisely that--an illusion.
A few weeks later, they surrounded Kenora's municipal buildings with yellow caution tape demarking an area the size of a local clear-cut forest.
The SWAM BLAST(r) line of manual and automatic precision micro sandblast equipment removes conformal coatings, solder mask and oxidation, component demarking, deflashing and PCB rework and repair.
Doha, Dhu-AlQa'dah 26, 1436, Sep 10, 2015, SPA -- The Saudi-Qatari Joint Committee on Demarking Land and Maritime border between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and State of Qatar Concluded its 25th meeting, which has been held in Doha on 9/10 Oct.
The firm also holds statutory powers needed for taking possession of the whole land record of any village to exercise its power for demarking the land until the process of handing it over to GMADA as per Section 9 for the mega projects is completed.
Lawmaker Hussein al-Asadi was present at the demonstration area; he described demarking the borders with Kuwait of being violation of Iraq's sovereignty.
The technical committee of the LAF, with the help of UNIFIL, is pursuing its work in demarking the Blue Line and it has succeeded so far in demarking the regions of Labbouneh-Alma al-Shaab, al-Dahira-Rmaysh, and Yaroun-Aitaroun," it said.
Today, however, with all lines demarking "elite culture" being erased, they evince an "unclouded affection for American life.