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Owners of buildings once situated behind the imaginary line that demarks the country's sandy "do not enter" area are seeing the land in front of their properties slowly disappear, pushing their pieces of ocean-front real estate closer--or in some cases into--government-owned land.
with a steeply sloped hood and fenders that end abruptly at the line that demarks the chrome-laden grill and sporty thin headlights, the Odyssey seems to defy definition as a minivan.
It is refreshing to see the adoption of technology in a business sector that normally isn't a hotbed for IT deployment," said Timothy DeMarks, President of RCI.
BETA's Exchange Client for NT is the ideal backup and recovery solution for customers looking for nonthat are transparent to the day-to-day operatio backup and recovery operations from any machinefor Windows NT is available through BETA's direct sales force as well as through channel partners like Hitacet of software products for enterprise computingiciency of enterprise operations through the ause consists of large organizations in financial demarks of, and are used to identify, products or services of their respective owners.
In demarks are for identification purposes only anJill Hara/Jennifer Kriz, 415/904-7000 ext 217/40 or
to time in Security Dynamics' periodic reports and registration statements filed with the Securities and demarks of their respective corporations.
During his presentation dubbed "The DeMark is Dead: the Operational Impact of the New Network," Castelino will explore the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for service providers in delivering and supporting next-generation services.