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The bottom line: Getting some of your share certificates dematerialised can take up to a year.
The change in Luxembourg law governing the dematerialisation of physical securities adopted in April 2013 is expected to further enhance the appeal of securities issued and dematerialised in Luxembourg.
Instead of the dematerialised architecture of the ground floor, the lower level has a vaguely cloistered air, imparted by solid structure, rows of columns at the edge of a lightwell, shadows, and a 20 m long wall painting that suggests fragments of an old fresco.
Receipt of scheme consideration for dematerialised scheme participants: Scheme participants who hold M-Net/SuperSport linked shares in dematerialised form ("dematerialised scheme participants") will have their holdings withdrawn and the scheme consideration credited to their Central Securities Depository Participant ("CSDP") or broker account within five business days of their election being received by the transfer secretaries from STRATE, in terms of the agreement entered into between the dematerialised scheme participant and his/her CSDP or broker.