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Nominees - holders of dematerialised securities held in an appropriate stockbroker Nominee should communicate directly with their stockbroker for holdings and other details.
Consumption: Sales volume of software on physical media; Sales volume of dematerialised software; Dematerialisation rate of the market in sales volume; Number of subscriptions to online services.
Revenues: Total revenues; Sales revenues from software on physical media; Sales revenues from dematerialised software; Other revenues; Subscription services revenues; Dematerialisation rate of the market in value.
Household expenditure, prices & ARPU: Annual household expenditure on video games on physical media; Annual household expenditure on online software and video games; Average price of software on physical media; Average price of dematerialised software; ARPU of online services.
The bottom line: Getting some of your share certificates dematerialised can take up to a year.
You may need to open a new demat account Some of the share certificates held jointly by Shyam and Vinita Narayanan could not be dematerialised.
Getting these shares dematerialised took a lot of time, as he had to send a notarised copy of his mother's death certificate to the company so that her name could be deleted from the shares certificates before those could be dematerialised.
Handheld console software market Market segment area: Software on physical media and dematerialised for handheld consoles Data on which the estimates are based --Estimated video game sales volume --Average video game price estimate
Online computer software market Market segment area: Dematerialised software on the Internet and revenues from in-game practices (trade in virtual goods, Committee on foreign exchange transactions, in-game advertising) Data on which the estimates are based --Estimated number of broadband subscribers --Estimate share of broadband subscribers practising online gaming --Estimate of the video game ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)
Share certificates may not be dematerialised or rematerialised between
The CSDP / broker accounts of dematerialised shareholders will be
Harmony dematerialised shareholders other than own-name dematerialised