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Sedley's opinion that her son would demean himself by a marriage with an artist's daughter.
When we're indoors, they come a- roaring and screaming about the house like so many devils; and my lord instead of ordering them to be drove away, goes out into the balcony and demeans himself by making speeches to 'em, and calls
As I argued in this prior work, "[t]o demean is to put down--to
Life was very hard for most hardworking people, and being forced to demean oneself in order to claim an extra pittance put some people of claiming what they were entitled to.
In a new study, researchers at USC, Stanford and the Kellogg School of Management have found that individuals in roles that possess power but lack status have a tendency to engage in activities that demean others.
Your childish efforts to demean the person who was pointing it out must have fallen on mostly deaf ears if it was aimed at expats.
To have a big pop concert to say 'let's make the world a better place, let's make poverty history' but you don't have to do anything in particular, I think starts to demean the seriousness of the suffering of those who are extremely poor and oppressed and suffering,' she said.
Teams that send out reserve sides in what is still a massive competition don't demean the FA Cup, they demean themselves.
Sport cannot demean its integrity, image, and responsibility by refusing to random-test every athlete.
If one stresses humanity's welfare, prostitution and pornography would have to be viewed as giant-sized stumbling blocks to human progress, inasmuch as they demean one class of humans by converting them into commercial objects.
He may say he didn't intend to be insulting, but as a former headmaster Mr Rees should have a very clear understanding that WORDS MATTER, and that to use a metaphor like this was either stupid (which I doubt Mr Rees is) or calculated to demean these children and their efforts.
Activists say the ad and the Web site demean male-to-male intimacy by having the two mechanics react violently once they have discovered what they have done and because the ad shows some NFL players reacting to the kiss with disgust.