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If this isn't demeaned and insulted I don'tknow what is.
While the target of the rhetoric and policies is same-sex couples, one set of citizens cannot be publicly demeaned without demeaning the entire citizenry and creating divisions within a society.
And for someone to believe that her son's sacrifice is demeaned by her actions shows about as much compassion as a barnyard fly.
American Association of Community Colleges President George Boggs says AACC has sent letters to Leno every time he has demeaned community colleges on his show.
Over the course of this textual journey, Buckler restores legitimacy to architectural and literary eclecticism, an aspect of the onetime capital long demeaned as middle- or low-brow, and, in a tour de force, she elevates them as essential to understanding the city's intricate and dynamic culture.
BOISTEROUS Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has demeaned his office by flashing a V-sign at Downing Street journalists, the chairman of the Liberal Democrats has said.
Wajid Zia, 29, told a tribunal yesterday that he was bullied, harassed and demeaned at the Killermont Polo Club in Glasgow.
He demeaned those who hold this view as believing that the Constitution is like "Plasticman," a comic book hero who can change his shape.
then those whom it affects with denigrating policies are demeaned.