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"The very idea of any person auditioning to be in a relationship is so demeaning. I refuse for anyone to spread the idea that I lack the integrity to choose my own relationships.
You've got to realise that it's undermining and demeaning for women and undermines and demeans the institution."
The Ombudsperson after hearing the parties, concluded that the demeaning attitude and use of objectionable language by the senior officer to a female employee (complainant) was harassment as per the provisions of the Act ibid and awarded the penalty of censure to the accused officer.
US restaurant workers must rely on tips for uneven incomes; international tourism climbs, and other cultures view the practice as demeaning or rude
But inspectors from the Care Quality Commission said: "The language was meant to be friendly but it could be regarded as demeaning and patronising."
In the absence of comments from the advertiser, ASCI concluded that the ad copy, read in conjunction with the visual of a woman shown in the ad, is demeaning to women and shows them in poor light.
In my view, discrimination is wrong when it is demeaning. I
NOT working is what's demeaning. That's what makes people feel helpless, hopeless and useless to the point where they can't even try for jobs because their confidence is shot.
BEIRUT: MP Strida Geagea has filed a suit against unnamed persons who allegedly made threatening phone calls and sent letters demeaning Geagea and threatening her life, her office announced Friday.
She said it was unconscionable that in this day and age when we have fought so hard to ensure the dignity of all human beings, a person was forced to do something so demeaning .
"There has been an escalation of your demeaning behaviour towards the mother of your child."
Summary: Rabat - Moroccan NGO "the League of Sahrawi human rights defenders" slammed, on Thursday, forced marriages in the Tindouf camps and urged the international community to end this demeaning practice.