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He demeaningly describes the current group of seminarians as "untamed creationists from Nebraska and Tennessee; an unattractive lot they tend to be, with a curious physical propensity for wall eyes and jug ears and, among the females, enormous breasts, which they carry through the halls like a penitential burden slung about their necks" (76).
If those who perform the actual functions of government have no input into the major decisions that give direction to their action, they are being rather demeaningly treated as cogs in the government machine, and their knowledge is lost.
Ligula is a spoon, shoelace, or tongue of a shoe, but its insulting quality comes from the diminutive play on lingua, (47) implying complete insignificance and probably playing again on language and effeminacy, including a possible inference that Hanno practices the demeaningly unmasculine act of cunnilingus.
We no longer even expect what are still called "editors" in the book-publishing business to function as real editors--which is to say, as "line editors," as they are now demeaningly stigmatized.
For medieval Christians beggarly "womanish" reception, far from constituting a demeaningly powerless passivity, represented the best way to be empowered, to be activated for the limitless beggarliness of kenotic caritas, to be empowered for the fullest form of imitatio Christi.
By experiencing an actuality of their civilization, we learn that American tribal peoples often have been wrongfully and demeaningly stereotyped.
AS a Christian Evangelist, I feel that I must exercise my right of reply to Barbara Dunn's recent criticism of what she demeaningly refers to as doorstep preachers (Letters, March 30).
Its ministers have to demeaningly appeal to a panel of nonentity, ego-centric MPs on the Welsh Affairs Committee whenever it wants to legislate.
The National Assembly demeaningly had its recent pleadings for the right to do something about social housing in Wales, by suspending the sale of council houses in certain areas, halted by an imbecilic group of