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The outward physical behavior and appearance of a person.

Demeanor is not merely what someone says but the manner in which it is said. Factors that contribute to an individual's demeanor include tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and carriage.

The term demeanor is most often applied to a witness during a trial. Demeanor evidence is quite valuable in shedding light on the credibility of a witness, which is one of the reasons why personal presence at trial is considered to be of paramount importance and has great significance concerning the Hearsay rule. To aid a jury in its determination of whether or not it should believe or disbelieve particular testimony, it should be provided with the opportunity to hear statements directly from a witness in court whenever possible.


noun appearance, aspect, attitude, bearing, behavior, carriage, comportment, conduct, countenance, deportment, expression, guise, look, manner, mien, physscal appearance, poise, posture, presence, way
Associated concepts: demeanor of witnesses
See also: appearance, behavior, complexion, conduct, decorum, deportment, look, manner, posture, presence, temperament
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The TCs from this program attributed 51 out of their 101 positive models to matters of pedagogy, 36 to demeanor, and 14 to environment.
Identify "drivers" of satisfaction--Ask questions based on what you want to measure: Is it really the agent's demeanor or is it the process the customer goes through to receive information or resolution that really drives them crazy?
1) Be alert, professional, calm, and constantly aware of changes in the suspect's movements and demeanor.
Lindley attributes this to Kelvin's actions in his later years, when his demeanor became cantankerous and he began to espouse some unpopular and embarrassing views.
This diminutive Italian man with a very calm demeanor placed the bags in the car and said, 'I see you have a white-a dog-a.
But remember, this individual must feel that you, through your work and demeanor, are worth the investment of his or her time.
For example, "I'm sure I could do it" said with a soft voice and shaky demeanor will not inspire confidence.
To be sure, there is a large difference between someone who is just "in manufacturing" and someone who is a "manufacturing professional," and in large part, that difference--which is based on education, training, demeanor, and attitude--is something that derives from the individual.
We enter the maternity ward of the Holy Cross Hospital where the delivery and postpartum experience stand in sharp contrast to the calm demeanor of caretakers accustomed to the routine of attendance: ".
The judge's demeanor in courtroom encounters has important consequences, the author states, both for the women seeking protection and the men identified as violent.
Both classes were to adopt a respectful demeanor towards superiors.