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The outward physical behavior and appearance of a person.

Demeanor is not merely what someone says but the manner in which it is said. Factors that contribute to an individual's demeanor include tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and carriage.

The term demeanor is most often applied to a witness during a trial. Demeanor evidence is quite valuable in shedding light on the credibility of a witness, which is one of the reasons why personal presence at trial is considered to be of paramount importance and has great significance concerning the Hearsay rule. To aid a jury in its determination of whether or not it should believe or disbelieve particular testimony, it should be provided with the opportunity to hear statements directly from a witness in court whenever possible.


noun appearance, aspect, attitude, bearing, behavior, carriage, comportment, conduct, countenance, deportment, expression, guise, look, manner, mien, physscal appearance, poise, posture, presence, way
Associated concepts: demeanor of witnesses
See also: appearance, behavior, complexion, conduct, decorum, deportment, look, manner, posture, presence, temperament
References in classic literature ?
But the good champion Ethelred, now entering within the door, was sore enraged and amazed to perceive no signal of the maliceful hermit; but, in the stead thereof, a dragon of a scaly and prodigious demeanour, and of a fiery tongue, which sate in guard before a palace of gold, with a floor of silver; and upon the wall there hung a shield of shining brass with this legend enwritten--
At garden-parties, at-homes, and so on, exhibit pleasure in the society and conversation of other gentlemen, and mark his demeanour as you do so.
They eyed me with malignant fury, yet withal there was a touch of respect in their demeanour.
Whenever she went out -- and compassion for her misadventure made her friends eager to entertain her -- she bore a demeanour that was perfect.
He had acquired calmness of demeanour and under most circumstances an unruffled exterior, so that now he could not show his feelings.
It was not her way to say much on any subject; but, when she next saw me, her aspect and demeanour were doubly dark and chilled.
There was nothing of the pining lover, nor of the lover at all, in his demeanour.
We had not met since the evening of the tea-party; but there was no visible emotion either of pleasure or pain, no attempt at pathos, no display of injured pride: she was cool in temper, civil in demeanour.
The wise demeanour of Mr Western in the character of a magistrate.
McGowan looked ill at ease and harassed--a condition opposed to his usual line of demeanour.
It can now be understood why Rouletabille had shown so marked a coolness of demeanour towards Rance when they met in the witnesses' room, on the day of the trial.
She contented herself by preserving a solemn and stony silence, when in company of Pitt and his rebellious wife, and by frightening the children in the nursery by the ghastly gloom of her demeanour.