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The outward physical behavior and appearance of a person.

Demeanor is not merely what someone says but the manner in which it is said. Factors that contribute to an individual's demeanor include tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and carriage.

The term demeanor is most often applied to a witness during a trial. Demeanor evidence is quite valuable in shedding light on the credibility of a witness, which is one of the reasons why personal presence at trial is considered to be of paramount importance and has great significance concerning the Hearsay rule. To aid a jury in its determination of whether or not it should believe or disbelieve particular testimony, it should be provided with the opportunity to hear statements directly from a witness in court whenever possible.


noun appearance, aspect, attitude, bearing, behavior, carriage, comportment, conduct, countenance, deportment, expression, guise, look, manner, mien, physscal appearance, poise, posture, presence, way
Associated concepts: demeanor of witnesses
See also: appearance, behavior, complexion, conduct, decorum, deportment, look, manner, posture, presence, temperament
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He came to the set with such a positive attitude and has such a great demeanour.
It is a credit to Justin that his general demeanour is mirrored by his deputy and relief staff.
Sultan Al Muhairi, General Coordinator for Al Ain Aerobatic Show, said Miss Demeanour had always enthralled visitors with its manoeuvres at the show.
ROBERTO MARTINEZ has got the ice cool demeanour to win the tactical battle in his first derby, believes Tim Howard.
Full story - page 61 BACKING: Tim Howard is a fan of Roberto Martinez's demeanour
Tucker's demeanour was calm and serious in stark contrast to his outrageous demeanour in the Rush Hour films and such movies as Friday and The Fifth Element.
AL Ain: The 10th Al Ain Aerobatic Show will witness the final aerobatic show performance of renowned Jonathon Whaley, pilot of a solo aerobatic jet Miss Demeanour -- a popular attraction at international air expos worldwide.
After 43 years of flying and 15 years of piloting Miss Demeanour, Flapjack, as Whaley is known within aviation circles, will hang up his wings post-Al Ain, though he says his Oasis City performance will not be his final flying gig.
He said Miss Demeanour is so popular at air shows and demand for her to appear has shifted the balance between a family life and just having fun beyond the tipping point.
SHAMELESS: Gordon Taylor's demeanour over theRio Ferdinand (right)case has been astonishing; MIXEDFORM: David Dunn