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Did she not break into lamentation and woe that a brother should so demean himself?
Sedley's opinion that her son would demean himself by a marriage with an artist's daughter.
29) School segregation demeans because it expresses that
Wearing drag costumes demeans the event, demeans men and demeans the serious work of men's health and cancer awareness.
To suggest he formed his opinion because of a friendship with Ruby Walsh demeans the man.
People who say it demeans women get your feet back on the ground," he added.
He said: "That is just attracting men's attention and I think it is terribly wrongandweak Clothes "It demeans women.
The vandalism of the soon-to-open Orange Line busway demeans the entire Valley.
In 1999 for example, a number of Catholic news services reported that John Paul II when given a copy of the Koran in front of witnesses, kissed this Muslim "bible" which amongst other nefarious things denies the existence of the Holy Trinity and demeans the Mother of God.
It is demeaning to our black citizens and it demeans our society.
The slogan belittles a serious medical condition and demeans women, according to those who complained.