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dement-, demens 'crazy' < de- + ment-, mens 'mind') - Rus.
His fellow officers Flynn (Ben O'Toole) and Demens (Jack Reynor) contribute sexual hysteria (when they see white women in the company of black men) and sheer idiocy.
Police officers Philip Krauss (Will Poulter), Flynn (Ben O'Toole) and Demens (Jack Reynor) are among the first on the scene.
In fact, Turner has contended that the word lunaticus was used relatively rarely and more usually in criminal cases, along with demens, amens, or nec bonum nec malum, or especially in active or agitated states such as frenesis.
Kalbant apie ivairius postmodernizmo aspektus sovietineje architekturoje, urbanistikoje, vieUosiose erdvese, butina nepamirUti ideologinio demens, hierarchizavusio objektus pagal svarba ir ju verte tuometineje sociopolitineje sistemoje.
Entretanto, deve-se considerar que cada homem e racional (sapiens), louco (demens), produtor, construtor ansioso/estatico, consciente/inconsciente; e este ser-humano recompoe-se o que aumenta a diversidade humana, que se mostra mediante as potencialidades do homem generico, ser complexo no sentido em que reune tracos contraditorios (3).
A man was demens who was deprived of mental clarity and voluntary agency by passion, by what subjugates and takes hold of one: Corydon has been seized or taken by dementia arising from the passion of lust.
Daiktavardzio aktualizacija gali buti reiskiama ir ivairiais sintaksiniais elementais, kurie vadinami ekspansijomis arba pagrindinio demens satelitais.
Furthermore, he attributes his actions to madness, although to a far greater degree than does Tibullus, who uses the adjective demens to characterize the hands of his rusticus, and Propertius, who suggests that his anger (ira, iratus) will not drive him to such action.
PROBABLE: CB Justin Bethel (shoulder), LB Kenny Demens (back), RB Andre Ellington (foot), CB Patrick Peterson (ankle).