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From 1992 to 1996 DeMent put out three well-received albums of original songs.
Therefore, pasta sauce varieties containing premium ingredients - including higher-end oils (such as grape-seed oil), fancy cheeses and functional/nutritional additives - will ''hit big at the retail level next year,'' DeMent explains.
I spent three days stalking the base's swamps, pine stands and hardwood ridges with Steinbach, Dement and fellow Service Rifle team members Staff Sgt.
Groomsmen were Michael Dement, William Goodman IV, Jim Dement, Taylor Forrester, Calhoun Hipp, Terry Ursin, and Taylor Whatley.
In a 40-page brief filed before the 11th Circuit, Pryor and the ACLJ charged that DeMent, a Republican appointed to the bench by the first President Bush, was simply hostile to religion, seeking a "relentless extirpation of all contact between government and religion.
On the other hand, young people usually find it easier to sleep in later," Dement indicates.
The two lowest bidders were Dement at $1,463,378 and Chris-Hill at $1,525,529.
Dement, director of Stanford University Sleep Disorders Clinic and Laboratory in California.
EAE505/00) James Dement, of Dement Capital Management discusses the firm's current portfolio outlook, investment strategies, and approach to valuation.
Windstream has named Matt Dement senior vice president of strategy, corporate development and financial planning & analysis.
However, retailers might want to stick with the 26-ounce size for their store brand pasta sauces -- DeMent says the extra 2 ounces of sauce could position the products as better values than the national brand offerings.