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Indeed, the iconic British footwear icon has released a new design line of eight-eye bovver boots featuring the artwork from the controversial group's albums, such as The Day The Earth Spat Blood and Go, Go Demented.
Brkehus AB is a municipal housing company intends to build a demented people in Smedjebacken.
Of the 286 subjects, 61 were considered to be demented by a consensus panel based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (4th edition) and 225 were not demented.
Having a stroke significantly increased your risk of being demented, whether or not that stroke was clinically symptomatic," said Dr.
Then to convolute things even further, there is Grady's discovery of a new love in the form of Linda--a nurse with a dangerously demented mother.
His recent proposal for a Route Lumiere for Toulouse has lights racing across the lower facades of buildings and reads like the eyes of demented stoats streaking across a field--more seriously, as a metaphor for a relentless stream of traffic.
The result of their talented collaboration is a brilliant novel depicting the lives of an heir to a Quebec City mansion and the demented history of the young and damaged woman he encounters when first arriving to the New World from his home in Europe.
The father is a proud but misdirected professor; the mother is brilliant but sporadically demented.
Not only would this policy cheapen the value of innocent, helpless human life, it "is especially significant because it will provide the model for how the country treats other cases in which patients are unable to say whether they want to live or die, such as those involving the mentally retarded or elderly people who have become demented.
Where were the people of goodwill when demented clergymen were bouncing from one unsuspecting parish to the next?
When compared with the Mini-Mental State Examination and standard neuropsychological testing, the Tape Administered Cognitive Screen (TACS) correctly discriminated between patients who were cognitively normal, slightly impaired, or demented, and identified abnormal memory even in patients who scored a perfect 30 on the MMSE, Peter Schofield, M.
Many people who resided in nursing homes then were mildly demented and aging, some complicating factors that made supervision or some skilled care necessary.