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However, Wang declined to comment on the real effect of the punishment of the three former heads, explaining that the demerits will not be finalized until Dec.
Merit stands for "meritable actions" which resulted students to earn points while demerit stands for value of an infraction which led to students losing points and this resulted students may get penalty from their action.
He currently has three active International Cricket Council (ICC) demerit points to his name and a further offence in the Auckland Test will activate an automatic one-match suspension.
If the 25-year-old receives four or more demerit points within a 24-month period then he faces a suspension.
Rabada was fined 50% of his match fee and handed three demerit points in the fourth one-day international against Sri Lanka at Cape Town in February.
For the GST to truly reform India's complicated tax system and eventually increase the GDP growth rate by 1-2% (as argued by the finance minister and many economists), the government should initially implement a two-rate structure with a demerit rate, and strive for a single rate in the long-term.
But, obviously the RNR cannot be applied to all goods and services as some are merit goods and some are demerit goods.
The demerit and derogatory record system play a key role in the promotion and the performance bonus of every policeman.
And demerit points can be placed on a license for any driver found driving more than 16km/h over the speed limit.
Defender Jay DeMerit believes the United States' never-say-die attitude demonstrated against England will be crucial in their battle to reach the last 16 of the World Cup.
US star Jay DeMerit has vowed to down England tonight - and be crowned King of Scotland.
JAY DEMERIT hopes the United States frustrate Wayne Rooney to the extent the England striker loses his cool during Saturday's World Cup clash in Rustenburg.