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Caption: The chemical weapons stockpile at PCD is stored in igloos until munitions are transported to the demilitarization plant for destruction.
Mark Runi consider demilitarization in the wake of civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala.
In a garrison environment, demilitarization usually occurs after the quality assurance specialist, ammunition surveillance (QASAS), who is the chief ammunition specialist at an ammunition storage area (ASA), deems a particular lot of class V unserviceable.
Three cases before the country's increasingly assertive Supreme Court promise to take Pakistan from the phase of demilitarization to a system in which meaningful checks can be exercised on those who wield power.
Army Chemical Materials Agency charged with overseeing chemical weapon demilitarization.
The Army continues to set aside 50 percent of the demilitarization budget to commercial firms, resulting in program inefficiencies and additional costs.
HERMISTON - After a nationwide search, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has named Dennis Murphey administrator for the Umatilla Chemical Demilitarization Program.
In return, the Palestinians would have to agree that their state would be entirely demilitarized and that this demilitarization would be supervised and maintained by 30,000 NATO troops, similar to Kosovo's.
is being awarded an $8,871,061 modification to indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, cost- plus-fixed-fee, cost-plus-award-fee, cost-plus-incentive-fee, firm-fixed-price contract DAAD13-01-D-0007 for program and integration support for the Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization.
On January 31, according to local accounts, paramilitaries in the town of Morales suppressed a peasant march in support of the demilitarization zone.
Because the human security agenda combines the goals of demilitarization and human development, the often separate programs of the peace and development communities would benefit from closer cooperation.
But he has aspired to more than that, to examine the cultural ramifications of the Italian detachment from military pursuits: "What effect did demilitarization have on the dynamics of Italian society, for military careers carry a baggage of cultural assumptions about social discipline, order and efficiency, technical progress and other 'virtues'?