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North and South Korea finalized Thursday an agreement covering details of construction work in the demilitarized zone on a severed part of an inter-Korean railway linking Seoul and North Korea's northwestern city Sinuiju and adjacent cross-border roads, South Korea's Defense Ministry said.
The tensions between the two states escalated on Thursday, as North Korea reportedly fired shells at a South Korean military base across the demilitarized zone.
A GP is a small military bunker located inside of the demilitarized zone, tasked with monitoring the North Korean military round the clock.
Though much details of the system and its working are not available, since it is a South Korean national security issue, but we do know that the software effectively makes use of Kinect's motion sensing system, which tracks and identifies anything that passes on the demilitarized zones.
November 28, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan and South Sudan are still diverging over the zero line which is proposed by the African Union mediation since last year to determine the baseline for the demilitarized security zone between Sudan and South Sudan.
Al-Muez Farouq, said that the coming fifth session will deliberate about outcome of the fourth session, especially regarding implementation of the security arrangements, opening of crossings for the movement of trade and citizens, establishment of the demilitarized zone and expulsion of the rebel elements out of the demilitarized zone in accordance with the directives of the summit meetings between Presidents Al-Bashir and Salva Kiir in Juba, Addis Ababa and Kuwait.
Contract notice: Supply of hardware and software for a demilitarized zone in the IT environment of the marine traffic control system.
The drill, the largest ever since the end of 1950-1953 Korean War, was held at a shooting range in Pocheon near the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas.
The Greek media on Friday said that Turkey issued a note to Greece to keep Samothraki (Semadirek) island exempt from military exercises as the island had a demilitarized status according to an agreement signed in 1914 and the Lausanne Treaty of 1923.
The Future Movement had called for declaring Tripoli a demilitarized city following seven deaths in armed clashes between gunmen from the mainly Sunni Bab al-Tabbaneh district and the predominantly Alawite Jabal Mohsen neighborhood in the city last week.
JUBA: North and south Sudan have agreed to establish a jointly patrolled demilitarized border zone between the two sides as the south prepares to declare independence in July, the African Union said Tuesday.
The fall-out of the August 25 clashes in the West Beirut suburb of Burj Abi Haidar are currently central to politics in Lebanon with one side calling for a demilitarized Beirut, demanding that security forces do their job, and others who want Hizbullah to keep their weapons, pro-Syrian daily AS SAFIR reported Wednesday.