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Barbara Sattler takes on the issue of how the model to which the Demiurge looks for guidance, which is rational and reliant on forms and mathematics, can be reconciled with the reality of process in the created world.
This insight is not only obviously humanly possible (though it does require a good deal of extra work to think metaphysically), but almost as an aid toward that insight the Demiurge has seen to it that Sameness is especially strongly reflected, at any rate wherever intelligent people exist.
He is the demiurge or creator of a new kind of print literature, orature.
Retrospectively evaluating Kesey's radical social experiment, one commentator compares him to other heroic prophets or "demiurges" of social philosophy like Plato, Rousseau, and Marx, all of whom not only created "grandiose visions of alternative social realities" but "actively sought to shape the political world in closer conformity to their vision [...] " (Zashin 202).
This juxtaposition, which is even more noticeable in Hebrew than Greek, of the 'breath' of the demiurge above the chaos and the demiurge's intervention, caused the ancients, as we know, to talk of an intellectual creation on the first day.
I checked a dictionary to better understand the words "demiurge" and "specter"; I noted a potential connection between the "smoke" of line eleven and the description in line twelve of "those who are drifting." I became curious about the choice between two alternate meanings of the word "through" in line ten: Does the specter simply pass through its unsuspecting receiver, or is the specter's movement somehow enabled or furthered through that person?
Petitot here is just a trace-copyist, a technician without a smudge of demiurgic imagination, Indeed, none of these mathematicians has the noetic power to divine that realm, to use Plato's images, above the dianoia and in the manner of the demiurge to behold and formulate the figurations of the autogenerative noesis which transforms the sensible into the properly human existential cosmion.
His music is a record of that descent, a sonic diary that tagged the walls with an enduring graffiti and, at the same time, a fiction he was telling the street, the environment whose demiurge he sought to be.
Gyllenhaal, who'll next be seen in indie demiurge John Sayles' "Casa de los Babys," recently worked her newfound rising-starlet status in the front rows of glitzy New York fashion week shows.
FitzGerald brought the artistry of a demiurge to raw material supplied by Omar.
Plato was the first to have recourse to the theory, Pythagorean in derivation, in order to explain the Demiurge's ordering of the cosmos.
Curiously, Hankinson associates this latter position with Plato by taking the postulation of the demiurge in the Timaeus as a fixed point of Platonic doctrine.