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This interpretation of the demiurgic and world-soul models in the Timaeus is far from traditional, but there is textual support for the supposition that Plato is attempting to resolve human freedom into his thought through the juxtaposition of models.
In Weltfremdheit, Peter Sloterdijk discusses how, from a frequent sense of abandonment and of existential pain, the saint and the hero assert their own "Yo" as they discover a destiny shaped to a great degree by the demiurgic power of discourse (32-4):
The demiurgic fantasy that so embraces the whole Balzacian creation dwindles again and again into the private obsession of one of its creatures: a creature supernatural like Melmoth, visionary like Louis Lambert, gifted like Frenhofer and Claes, crafty like Gobseck and Vautrin, or merely obsessed like Goriot; a creature whose ardent monologues, interpolated as they are into Balzac's own discourse, subvert its authority.
She concludes that perceptibility, corporeality, and geometrical form are all linked in such a way as to explain both the pre-cosmic receptacle and the demiurgic imposition of geometrical form.
32c): 'out of (5) Love was the god motivated to set about constructing the world (6), he says by way of introduction to what might be construed as an authentic Pherecydean fragment, except that the cosmogonic account in the Timaeus makes no mention of love but instead of demiurgic goodness (29el-2) (7).
Furthermore, the demiurgic (and not simply transformative) power of Coover's projectionist (and writer) is encoded throughout the collection.
it leads the demiurgic power of the soul towards freedom:
For Beiner, despite her demiurgic role in this novel synthesis of the real, the experience of constructing the installation part-by-part led inevitably to a degree of alienation from it--a level of estrangement from the forest through intense focus on the trees.
Both Calypso and Johann Maersk are likewise erotically deformed, but not through willed perversion, rather through the demiurgic machinations of others.
The archetypal principles residing in hierarchic levels of the cosmos as varying expressions of the supreme divine being fulfill their demiurgic roles assigned to them as a mark of submission to divine law (2.
It is not too difficult for most of us to appreciate that the Archons of our world are "the doctors, the lawyers, the venture capitalists, the CEOs, the politicians golfing on the hides of the slain" and that their combined machinations serve to cover up the horrors they have engineered, enforcing upon us an illusion, the "rind of appearances" of a demiurgic world.
Under these circumstances, Mihaies points out, rewriting has become an imperative for the modern writer who cannot apologize for his failures, but cannot remain monologic or demiurgic and prescriptive either (30).