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But there is also a growing feeling among Republicans that Clinton may be unbeatable within the Democratic Party and that they have to be ready with the candidate that they see as the best foil to Clinton.
It was the Democratic Party in the North that seemed most suited for their purposes.
On the one hand, political theorists like Rawls have been joined by philosophers such as Richard Rorty in arguing that the church's influence on democratic polities should be severely circumscribed.
Tilly's cases show with considerable frequency that revolutionary upheavals often generate authoritarian political orders, but, in his analysis, they also push forward the processes that over the longer run lay the foundations on which more democratic structures can be constructed.
Indonesia's national elections proceeded in an exceedingly peaceful and democratic manner, and gave Indonesians for the first time the right to directly elect their president.
The Bush campaign, counting on a Democratic nominee weakened by expensive primaries, launched an $80 million advertising salvo during March and April designed to define Kerry negatively.
The "Bull Moose" Party's ticket split the Republican vote and led to the election of Democratic President Woodrow Wilson.
In July 1948, the liberal mayor of Minneapolis, Hubert Humphrey, rose at the Democratic National Convention and urged his party to embrace the cause of civil rights for black Americans.
In Tocquevillean terms, "1968" was an "explosion of gentleness," an explosion of democratic "softness," an effervescence of the sentiment of resemblance--the sentiment in which Tocqueville saw the active core of all the transformations brought about by democratic life.
PESHAWAR -- Experts on politics and international relations here Wednesday categorically stated that political tolerance, continuity of electoral process and respecting the mandates of political parties was imperative to strengthen democratic process in the country.
The main focus of this paper is the study of essential components of a democratically legitimate constitutional regime, new adaptations to traditional accounts of democracy, and legitimate institutions of democratic reform.

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