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DEMOCRACY, government. That form of government in which the sovereign power is exercised by the people in a body, as was the practice in some of the states of Ancient Greece; the term representative democracy has been given to a republican government like that of the United States.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It would be helpful to learn why pounds 10,000 was spent on a machine before the Chief Constable had secured a position for its use that is acceptable to the council tax payers and democratically elected representatives of the people of North Wales.
Society will guarantee each citizen some minimum amount of purchasing power, with that amount determined democratically by all participants of society.
I'm not one supporters was democratically RM Rhydyfelin I'm not one of his supporters, but the man was elected democratically, a word that many Labour MPs apparently have difficulty understanding.
Jeremy Corbyn was undeniably democratically elected by the membership and on that basis the PLP should have fallen into line rather than undermining him at every opportunity.
We can use it as a yardstick to measure how beneficial is a break-up of what is a central, democratically elected government.
"We are a democratically elected government and will not compromise the rule of law at the altar of whims," the Cabinet Secretary said.
Later, Sisi was democratically elected in 2014 as less than half of the eligible voters had cast their votes since the toppling of its first democratic government in 2013.
"The election was held in a very organized manner, and the people democratically voted for their candidate," Marcek said.
The PM should have large heart , stop making undemocratic demand and accept the new chairman and the deputy chairman , from Balochistan and Sindh respectively, who have been duly elected democratically by the Senators who themselves have been elected democratically, please.
The protesters are not happy with President Trump putting 'America First' but shouldn't any democratically elected leader put their country first.
WASHINGTON, Jan 11 (KUNA) -- US State Secretary Michael Pompeo on Thursday "reinforced" the US supportive stance for the "democratically" elected Venezuelan National Assembly in a phone call with its President Juan Guaido.
Pauline Hume, by email FP: Democratically voted for, yes, Pauline, but sold on a bed of scandalous lies delivered by The Three Charlatans: Boris, Farage and Gove.

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