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Meanwhile, demographers seemed to be in tune with what Christensen was saying.
When demographers make assumptions, that's exactly what they are" he says.
Demographers (people who study population trends) say that the U.
Frey, a demographer from the University of Michigan's Population Studies Center and the Brookings Institution.
Correspondingly a comprehensive analysis of population dynamics leads the demographer from his comprehensive analysis of the past through to population projection or forecast.
Although the CFR is more accurate, demographers prefer to use the TFR because it provides more up-to-date information on current trends in fertility.
Menendez is associate director of Americans for Religious Liberty, a church-state research specialist and demographer, and the author of numerous books relating to church-state issues.
Bean, a demographer at the University of California, Irvine.
David Voas, a demographer at the university and author of the study, predicted that the number of Anglican will continue to decline at a rate of a million every five years years as older people die and fewer of the young are baptised.
The leading thinkers on this subject, from French demographer Jean-Claude Chesnais to American MacArthur genius and feminist economist Nancy Folbre, have made a provocative case that when women have wide opportunities in the workplace that are severely curtailed by having children, the birth rate will fall to very low levels.
An article published in 1979 by established demographer John Caldwell, provided the ideal opening.
In 1990, however, University of Chicago demographer S.