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s demography and hence it is a dangerous process that should be stopped.
This table is very important when considering the evolution of demography in Romania.
To grow its "intellectual community," the CPC's seminar series invites leading social scientists at Cornell and other institutions who are applying demography in novel ways.
Despite some progress towards disciplinary recognition in the second half of the nineteenth century, success was short-lived, and demography and vital statistics were superseded by other disciplines (geometric methods in France and mathematical statistics in England), while the establishment of population statistics was overtaken by other established groups.
But all is forgiven, and I think this is an excellent review of where we have been and where we have got to in the consideration of archaeological demography.
The editors have not neglected the core of the held, demography Subjects related to this, too, are treated in a reader-friendly fashion.
Demography and medicine, disciplines that have studied reproduction, have not devoted special attention to analyzing the reproductive process in men.
He adds that, in his district-leading days, he was also quite interested in books covering sociology and demography.
The authors, all university-based social scientists, clearly and succinctly present a statistical analysis of the American population in this accessible work that ponders, "Is demography destiny?
Children in two-parent families now spend more time with their mothers and fathers than children did 20 years ago, concludes a study slated to appear in DEMOGRAPHY.
The author blends history, demography, and contemporary social analysis to illuminate the form and function of African American families over time.
Multicultural demography and demographic projections