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The IOF last demolished these structures on 10 th June, arresting and imprisoning Mohammed, his wife Laila Faraj and their son for 25 days.
Local Muslims staged a protest against the demolition alleging that a mosque has been demolished by the officials.
During last year's Jamhuri Day celebrations, Governor Mike Sonko asked developers who have put up buildings on riparian land to approach City Hall before the county demolishes their property.
'The buildings which are not part of the master plan should be demolished. The city should be restored to how it was 40 years ago.
'For class two heritage buildings outside heritage area, there are no specific requirements that it can not be demolished, but they are subjected to council's approvals, depending on the condition of the buildings,' he told a press conference today.
Israel intends to demolish at least 20 buildings and structures in the village reportedly for being built without a permit and for being too close to the wall Israel had built around Jerusalem to separate it from its neighboring Palestinian villages and towns.
Israeli bulldozers from the occupied Jerusalem Municipality under heavy police and army protection demolished two houses owned by Palestinians from the family of Al Qastalawi in the area of Ras Khamis in the centre of occupied Jerusalem on Tuesday.
"Our approach of pressur-ing the owner to demolish it while applying for powers to demolish it ourselves appears to have worked.
Clem Cecil, one of the group's founders, who was herself displaced from her flat that was demolished, believes that Constructivist buildings are simply not appreciated.
A Scottish laird who demolished a 200-year-old castle without permission was yesterday fined pounds 1,000.
The local authority decided to demolish the derelict building at Colwyn Bay after it became a magnet for vandals and firebugs.
On the other hand, if the term of the new lease exceeds the remaining recovery period, the results obtained by a literal reading of the proposed regulations can be followed and the landlord can demolish the obsolete improvements, continuing to recover their cost over the relevant recovery period.