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The operation which was carried out on the directions of Islamabad High Court would be brought to its logical end by demolishing all the illegal slums and encroachments in the Capital City.
On Tuesday, the NDMC demolished 26 properties, inching closer to completing the target of demolishing 4,000 unauthorised constructions.
Houses at these two governorates are not ready for rebuilding as some need demolishing first," he said.
He believes developers will think twice about demolishing rent-controlled buildings if the City Council makes it harder and more expensive.
AS YOU know, last Friday, Liverpool City Council's Executive Board declared our area (Princes Park, Liverpool 8) a renewal area, which means, in their own words, they now have 'power to manage it' by demolishing and building houses within a 10-year period.
The board of trustees of the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) has approved the idea of demolishing the former plant, and will seek approval from Columbus City Council.
Sheriff Wylie Robertson accepted that conflicting instructions from Stirling Council to demolish the castle and banning him from demolishing the building were a 'bureaucratic nonsense' and 'simply defied common sense'.
After all we are only demolishing stones,'' he said in defense of his decision.
Observation: The position that demolishing a structural component of a building, for example, a roof, will not entitle the taxpayer to an abandonment loss was first articulated in the proposed regulations under the accelerated cost recovery system.
It was around that time that Local Law 59 of 1985 was to be signed by the mayor and would provide for a moratorium on demolishing SROs.
The Recent Past Preservation Network, a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and understanding of modern architecture, has sued the National Park Service to prevent the agency from demolishing the historic Cyclorama Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Legal formalities are in process for demolishing the