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Provide disaster monitoring services of all Orleans Parish demolition and demolition debris
Coordinate schedule of work for demolition contractor as needed to complete the recovery
Unless he acts quickly, demolition of the old PeaceHealth Clinic, which stands less than 100 feet from our Olive Plaza apartments, will proceed without adequate protocols to ensure Olive Plaza tenants aren't forced to breathe airborne lead and other toxic dust generated by the demolition.
Israel had refrained from implementing demolition orders since November in the politically sensitive Jerusalem area, after U.
The rest are largely demolitions for new condo construction.
Army Corps of Engineers suggests that the lead content in construction and demolition (C&D) concrete to be crushed and recycled is well below safe limits set by the U.
Under stock transfer proposals, the rate of demolitions would be increased to 2,000 each year for the first five years after transfer.
With the help of translators, we heard the story of how even the teenage daughters were beaten and arrested resisting the demolitions.
Global citizens are contacting their political representatives and demanding that the Israeli government immediately rescind the demolition order against a Palestinian home.
MSD said it has reviewed all documents related to demolitions in Jerusalem in 2009, including the Jerusalem Municipality demolition orders (Building Inspection Division).
Rebuilding Homes, an organization which works with both Israeli and Palestinian citizens to rebuild Palestinian homes demolished by Israeli Defense Forces, today announced the launch of its Rapid Response Rebuilding Program in cooperation with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD).
Al-Maqdese for Society Development released a report by the Data Bank concerning the statistics since the beginning of 2010 of "house demolitions, houses threatened of demolition and houses threatened to be seized by Jewish settlers in Jerusalem as follows: House demolitions in Jerusalem:Since the beginning of 2010, 17 house demolitions were implemented by the Israeli Authorities themselves or by citizens themselves "self-demolition", resulting displacement of 50 people including 26 children,13 out of 17 house demolitions were implemented by the Israeli Authorities in different areas of Jerusalem, whereas 4 citizens demolished their houses with their own hands.