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130) This blind test had legal precedent, being used by Sir Matthew Hale during the infamous trial of Rose Cullender and Amy Duny at Norwich Assizes in March 1662 to allay fears that the fits and convulsions of the youthful demoniac accusers were elaborate theatrics.
For example, "legion" in the story of the Gerasene demoniac is a metaphorical term, meaning a large number; the "one" equaling the "many" can be explained by the fractals of chaos-complexity theory.
Abundance of costly antique furniture was disposed about the room, and in one corner stood a four-post bed, with heavy black cloth curtains around it; the figure frequently turned towards him with the same arch smile; and when she came to the side of the bed, she drew the curtains, and, by the light of the lamp, which she held towards its contents, she disclosed to the horrorstricken painter, sitting bolt upright in the bed, the livid and demoniac form of Vanderhausen.
Jesus' healings include his exorcisms, restoring to home and family those such as the Gerasene demoniac cut off by illness or evil spirits.
But here in Leon, outside the Gothic cathedral, A boy crouched inside a demoniac Submarine grins at us, and a blithe girl Afloat on an ostrich's feathery back Waves at her parents while her brother begs For his turn.
After I was accused of all kinds of demoniac actions, including that I raped one of the MPs from Yanev's party, I expect to be declared next Friday a cannibal, a witch, or something worse," says Fidosova, who is the Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Group of Bulgaria's ruling party GERB.
Today we tend to isolate the sublime as an old story narrated by the tragic mortality of Gilgamesh, the savage beauty of Homer, the mellifluous sensibility of Virgil, the infernal hallucinations of Dante, the tempestuous pessimism of Shakespeare's King Lear, Milton's demoniac grand style, Goethe's uncontrollable historical hallucinogenics in the second part of Faust, or James Joyce's verbal insanity in Finnegan's Wake.
Jesus' proclamation of God's reign was shared with all equally, but a disproportionate number of the stories of specific encounters with individuals are devoted to those he had to cross a boundary to reach: the Gerasene demoniac, the Roman centurion's servant, the anointing sinful woman, the Samaritan woman, the woman caught in adultery, Zaccheus the tax collector, numerous lepers, and others.
The south aisle has a window dedicated to the healing arts, Elisha healing the Syrian commander Naaman of leprosy, A Knight Hospitaler healing, and Christ healing the Gerasene demoniac.
And the demoniac heroine practically forcedly thrusts a pistol as a present into the hands of Lovborg, who misses the point of what he's expected to do while she explains with a parting wish to have a beautiful death.
The statement said that the combination 66666 "charged with superstitious and demoniac symbolism" is also a very popular choice, as it has been in past years.
Michael's character portrayal is one of a demoniac figure, narcissistic and self-serving.