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The completion of my demoniacal design became an insatiable passion.
His ability to seduce is not to be found in tricks or in false promises, but in his "big, black eyes" This is a neo-Platonic tradition, taken up again by Cunqueiro, which in the Renaissance acquired a more sensual orientation and that merged with the Christian tradition of the seducing power of the devil's eyes (such a demoniacal characteristic has also been traditionally attributed to Don Juan as an explanation of his power to fascinate).
Tertio, altered states of consciousness also matter; they range from the very common states of dream, absent-mindedness, hypnotism, nausea, automatism, hysteria, degeneration, genius, drunkenness and other intoxications, to less frequent "pathologies" such as neurosis, hallucinations, multiple personality, schizophrenic delusions, demoniacal possession, witchcraft, and religious visions.
That which he could not understand through the familiar he reduced to demoniacal, inferior, or just simply marginalized it.
To some he is viewed as a charming and gentle figure; to others he is a demoniacal figure - "the face of evil" - and he was even accused of molesting children whilst living in Egypt.
It may occur to some," he observed, "to raise the question, why it is, that the lying wonders of necromancy, and magic, and demoniacal possessions are wont to be grouped contemporaneously with the true wonders of prophecy and divine gifts.
1931 [1921], Possession Demoniacal and Other among Primitive Races, in Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and Modern Times.
shipwrecked in turbulent waters, held hostage by an entourage of demoniacal killers, Zuniga is enveloped by a maelstrom in which his personal agency wavers, flickers, and is eventually extinguished.
Their purest form is the demoniacal grotesque in all its variations.
By further implication, the Nazis' most demoniacal creation lay in the establishment of the gray zone that paralyzes the will of one who would judge: "Chi diventava Kapo?
His demoniacal fury makes him become a unified Subject again, for he forgets his inner divisions or "childish dread" of the cat.
delineated, with unequalled force and fidelity, the workings of those deep and powerful emotions which alternately enchant and agonize the minds that are exposed to their inroads; and represented, with a terrible energy, those struggles and sufferings and exaltations, by which the spirit is at once torn and transported, and traits of divine inspiration, or demoniacal possession, thrown across the tamer features of humanity.