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personally experienced this demoniacal or seducing power of music when
The earliest theorist of magic realism, Franz Roh, described its "miracle of an apparent persistence and duration in the midst of a demoniacal flux" (21).
At least the anger is strong enough, loud enough to make our rulers wake up to the weakness of our laws in confronting a malaise that has acquired demoniacal proportions.
But the problem is how to take Bipasha's image of the demoniacal diva beyond Raaz 3?
CDATA[ Givat Arye residents did not steal into Arab villages in the darkness of night to sow death and destruction in demoniacal fury.
His ability to seduce is not to be found in tricks or in false promises, but in his "big, black eyes" This is a neo-Platonic tradition, taken up again by Cunqueiro, which in the Renaissance acquired a more sensual orientation and that merged with the Christian tradition of the seducing power of the devil's eyes (such a demoniacal characteristic has also been traditionally attributed to Don Juan as an explanation of his power to fascinate).
shipwrecked in turbulent waters, held hostage by an entourage of demoniacal killers, Zuniga is enveloped by a maelstrom in which his personal agency wavers, flickers, and is eventually extinguished.
It may occur to some," he observed, "to raise the question, why it is, that the lying wonders of necromancy, and magic, and demoniacal possessions are wont to be grouped contemporaneously with the true wonders of prophecy and divine gifts.
The word "larvatus", he notes, can refer to madness or demoniacal possession (Brown 1966: 96-97): it thus evokes yet another even more discomfiting kind of creative othering--of the sort we encounter, say, at the end of The Master of Petersburg, where Dostoevsky is, at it were, possessed by the evil that is Stavrogin (Coetzee 1994: 96-97).
His demoniacal fury makes him become a unified Subject again, for he forgets his inner divisions or "childish dread" of the cat.
delineated, with unequalled force and fidelity, the workings of those deep and powerful emotions which alternately enchant and agonize the minds that are exposed to their inroads; and represented, with a terrible energy, those struggles and sufferings and exaltations, by which the spirit is at once torn and transported, and traits of divine inspiration, or demoniacal possession, thrown across the tamer features of humanity.
In an attempt to quell the demoniacal atmosphere which he felt centered around the music in his parish, he had all the pipes and fiddles gathered up and burned (1989: 25).