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The first four chapters examine the development and vagaries of Protestant demonic theory and experience, while the last four focus more on the external and political ramifications of diabolism and, after a chapter on crime, move in a chronological manner from 1570 through the Interregnum.
Twenty-first-century readers of Luke need to reflect upon how we interpret and apply Luke's understanding of illness and its relation to demonic possession and exorcism.
Father McManus talks of the debate among churches about the reality of demonic forces and evil spirits and acknowledges there are a lot of Christians who don't accept that reality.
Gabriele Amorth, Rome's chief exorcist, said in an NCR interview that while he typically dislikes Hollywood treatments of the demonic, this film is something of an exception.
The need for the rituals of invocation and exorcism suggested by the music and speech are here given life through driven, hypnotic dances that culminate in a demonic, exhilarating ensemble, then dissipate back to intimate duos--the simmering, continuous life that both precedes and survives the exorcism.
She is a young woman aged twenty-two, otherwise historically unremarkable, illiterate, from a largely insignificant rural community, Obando, north of Malabon and west of Polo, in the province of Bulacan on the archipelago's principal island of Luzon, who, in 1808, is arraigned before an ecclesiastical court accused of associating with the Devil who appears to her in the form of a demonic familiar.
Jews were depicted as demonic and bloodthirsty--an irony given the violence Christians were perpetrating against them.
Rushdoony concludes that "communists and conservatives, anarchists and socialists, fascists and republicans" are all in principle demonic because they are part of the "humanist spectrum.
It is important for us to learn what the bible says about Satan; what the devil is like; what he can and cannot do; about the methods used by the devil to get us to do what he wants us to do; about how we can be freed from demonic influence either through deliverance prayer or through exorcism.
The new film "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," is based on a true story, a demonic possession recognized by the Catholic Church.
Walker and other scholars show, concerns about spiritual and demonic religion and magic were pervasive in Christian culture: the existence of demons was the proof of the existence of God and justified the whole system based on punishment and rewards that the Church promoted.
Spiritual and Demonic Magic: From Ficino to Campanella.