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In the same way their demonical features also differ from one place to another.
Frustrated by his own inability to reach a satisfactory outcome, Le Professeur turns to a demonical and regressive force, independent of the principle of pleasure.
What is more, Delaura correctly establishes that the supernatural and demonical fame that Sierva Maria acquires in the convent are connected to the abbess' resentment of how Sierva Maria is forced upon her by order of the Bishop; the abbess' aggression and hatred of Sierva Maria have their roots partially in historical denominational rivalry between the nuns of the Order of Saint Clare and a Franciscan Bishop but also in irrationality: "Si alguien esta poseida por todos los demonios es Josefa Miranda", dijo.
98) Here, Browne's belief in the ability of the Devil to accentuate natural illness with the collusion of witches had devastating results for the accused women, but as George Kittredge points out, 'there is nothing unreasonable or unscientific in it, if one merely grants the actuality of demonical obsession and possession, which was then to all intents and purposes an article of faith'.
Wright, in turn, as Appiah and other critics have pointed out, offers accounts of "a swirling knot of men and women; they were dancing in a wide circle barefooted, shuffling to the demonical beat of drums" (Black Power 139).
They see Israel as a moral nation acting upon principle, with great "restraint," fighting an implacable and often demonical enemy.
Kamula versions of the apocalypse of Year 2000 outlined a final cataclysmic war between God and the demonical forces that run One World Government culminating hopefully in divine victory.