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The illness I call 'Fake Cancer' in the same vein as some homicidal outbreaks are also demonically influenced.
10) Like the young, tart-tongued French poet, only younger, Emerson wondered if he was demonically inspired: "Have malignant demons possessed themselves of my mind and my pen and my tongue and my book?
This would be early Nixon-era conservative domestic bliss, if it wasn't for that demonically possessed doll collection.
The directors engineer a couple of neat sequences like the demise of three teenagers, who stumble upon demonically possessed Sam in the woods.
Some might have thought Donohoe's interpretation too dark and portentous but I found it utterly convincing - and the Dante Sonata raged and whirled demonically.
Then what else could you expect if not conservatism prevailing over there overwhelmingly, opening the doors wide to fanaticism, militancy and stridency to embed and flourish demonically viciously?
The former, whose hero is a young engineer from Hamburg, takes place in a tuberculosis sanatorium in the Swiss Alps; the latter, an allegorical life of a demonically inspired composer, is set mainly in Munich and its environs.
No accident of chance waylays him; no demonically cunning enemy deceives him (the weird sisters are no Iago); no loved one betrays him; everything that happens to him happens because of a terrible choice he makes and continues to make, with consequences that he cannot avoid, no matter how hard he tries: "They have tied me to a stake.
All submissions, including questions and clarifications, should be sent demonically to Barry Shore at bshore@unh.
Critical reaction to the demonically cartoony and gritty "figurative" work in his 1970 show at the Marlborough Gallery in New York can best be summed up by the headline from Hilton Kramer's scathing New York Times review: "A Mandarin Pretending to Be a Stumblebum.
The introduction of the demonically beautiful androgyne into the Garden reinforces the shadow play quality of the too-easy surrender of Jesus to the soldiers, and makes it clear no compassionate or pacifist impulse motivated Jesus to tell Peter to put away his sword.
24) Verhoeven's aim to reproduce the demonically attractive qualities of Nazism often paraded in the movies was achieved so perfectly that he was strongly--but wrongly--criticized as indulging in and approving of the fascist aesthetic so powerful throughout the history of Hollywood Nazis (see Brian Crim, "'A World that Works': Visions of Fascism and Globalization in Starship Troopers," Film & History, 39.