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H1e: Perceived results demonstrability is positively associated with MIM adoption.
Nevertheless conventional, and other types of training provide them too, and does not base the for enhancement of their intention this explanation also apply to the remaining factors of infrastructure, which is sufficient for WBT technology and other training types, and the sophistication of the infrastructure has little to do with their behavioural intention, trust perception also deemed insignificant as the quality, demonstrability of outcome, .
Perceived result demonstrability is defined as the degree to which the results of using the IS are observable and communicable to others (Karahanna, Straub, and Chervany, 1999).
And so the path appears open for latter day analytic philosophers who do not accept the canon of deductive/reductive demonstrability to seek foundations without fear of Rorty/Capaldi objections.
It is because the terminology of textual scholarship is derivative and co-optive (from such fields as science and philosophy), and because it inherits its evidentiary status not just from the scientific model of the natural sciences, but from other arenas of evidence and proof, particularly jurisprudence and criminology, that it participates in, even emblematizes, the postmodernist crisis of demonstrability and probity characterizing so many areas of current epistemological activity.
In addition to a dedicated commitment from suppliers to support the product, stellar sales come from a combination of a product with broad appeal that taps into the right consumer need at the right time and lends itself to demonstrability, said those interviewed.
The theory of Natural Law is a legitimate and significant part of the Jewish legacy, and it ought to be reclaimed, with conviction of its demonstrability, and with a sense of justified self-esteem.
With the revelation of writing as the long-repressed factor--and its ultimate fetishization--the issue of demonstrability has curiously vanished from the horizon.
Bonner co-authored "Leveraging Member Expertise to Improve Knowledge Transfer and Demonstrability in Groups" with Dr.
Some of the previous studies utilize image as an internal independent variable with other perceptions such perceived relative advantage, perceived ease of use, compatibility, trialability, result demonstrability, self efficacy.
His experience of native peoples was not the language of syllogistic demonstrability but rather that of symbolic reality, which is where he believed he had found human origins.
In his Liber de causis et processu universitatis Albert came to hold the same position as Thomas on the demonstrability of creation and of its beginning in time (Steven Snyder).