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According to details, Chevening Scholarships are awarded to individuals with demonstrable leadership potential who also have strong academic backgrounds, and offers full financial support to study for a master's degree at any UK university.
considered proposed is not cause or The report added: "Overall, it is considered that in the planning balance, although this proposal is out-with the limits for development, the proposed development is not considered to cause significant or demonstrable harm which would warrant refusal of the application."
"The two towns have demonstrable capacity to generate sufficient revenue to sustain its operations, which is also another requirement," he said.
Russia has not taken any demonstrable steps to support the International Syria Support Group's call for the delivery of humanitarian relief by air," Toner said.
The three- year turnaround strategy and synergies from the strategic alliance with Etihad Airways have gained further momentum with a demonstrable positive impact on the business, the statement added.
By offering ReelBites, MediaMobz provides brands with a fast, easy and complete way to leverage their video archive toward greater awareness and leads, all with a demonstrable ROI.
Their customers enjoy significant benefits in terms of increase in efficiency levels, reduction in operational costs, flexibility to grow, consistent user experience and a demonstrable ROI.
These routines allow customers to achieve the level of demonstrable safety required to comply with Annex H of the Standard, which deals with control systems using software.
PAC chairman Edward Leigh said: "There have been demonstrable improvements in the acute hospital response together with an excellent stroke awareness media campaign."
This is a compelling proposition for agents, landlord and tenants given the consumer directly engages with the term 'licensed' and instantly connects this with protection, demonstrable quality and a benchmark of acceptable standards."
Ignoring the fact that councillors are not employees I agree with A M of Bradley that councillors need to show some sort of demonstrable leadership on council finances and I have consistently asked for the party group's hospitality budget to be cut.
Airlines are not allowed to deny disabled passengers the right to fly unless they have demonstrable logistical issues with the type of aircraft, configuration and crew available, Assistance through the airport and the door of the aircraft is now the responsibility of the airport operator, not the airline.