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Easterbrook's widely echoed feeling that he is safer in Europe is only a feeling, one that is demonstrably misguided.
But the demonstrably worldly penis has so far proved plenty potent enough.
IASC or foreign national standards are not demonstrably superior to each other.
The PCI DSS demonstrably benefits card holders, the industry as a whole and individual businesses - it's a comprehensive achievable security standard built on the shared knowledge of industry leaders and security experts.
Washington, Nov 2 (ANI): Justin Bieber's legal team is said to be ready to strike down "malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false" allegations that the singer impregnated a 20-year-old woman.
You don't persist in a direction that is demonstrably unworkable when you have a better course available to you,'' he said.
Joachim Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual for voluntary leadership and service which have significantly and demonstrably contributed to the advancement of the Association.
Besides demonstrating a lack of respect for developing human life, that letter also relies on demonstrably false factual claims," said Richard Doerflinger, deputy director of the U.
They are not ``buff oons'',but rather a group who are utterly exasperated with a system that has demonstrably failed to brok er a fair deal for divorcing men and their children.
The Appeal Court in London said: "The judge was demonstrably correct.
But the Monthly did readers a disservice by uncritically repeating his demonstrably false remarks about I.
Supremely arrogant and demonstrably contemptuous of the voting public, Kerry nevertheless regularly touts his military experience during his presidential run.