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He told the jury: "Various propositions were being asserted, have been shown to be so demonstrably without foundation that they are no longer being pursued by Mohamed al Fayed's lawyer, even if he still continues to believe in their truth in his own mind.
On same sex marriage, Bush is demonstrably against, while Kerry is rhetorically against but finds a resting place that allows him to straddle.
As the authors note, however, they have all demonstrably contributed to an artistic vision of the sublime, a sense of untouched Eden, of the "wildness" of a wilderness not quite yet invaded by American mechanization.
The "demon lovers" of the book's title are not ultimately the witches accused of sex with demons, but the witch theorists themselves who craved accounts of demonic copulation in order to prove to themselves and others that demons were demonstrably real.
But the Monthly did readers a disservice by uncritically repeating his demonstrably false remarks about I.
In the same report, he has provided his determinations on which of these countries has "failed demonstrably to make substantial efforts" during the previous 12 months to adhere to international counternarcotics agreements and to take the counternarcotics measures specified in U.
Easterbrook's widely echoed feeling that he is safer in Europe is only a feeling, one that is demonstrably misguided.
His message was well-received and the response from the more than 100 members attending the meeting at Tavern on the Green was demonstrably enthusiastic.
Explicit forms of critique have been scarcely present in recent exhibitions; the Whitney Biennial of 1993 may have been the last major show in this country of demonstrably political art.
While Crane focusses on Puritan women and the particularly negative effect of Puritanism's demands for submission of the self on women's position in their families and the larger society, she also discusses the varied experiences of other women, such as the Quaker women who had demonstrably greater autonomy and non-white women whose lives were more constrained.
Staff knowledge about pain management and enhancing quality of life at a time when life is most precious has increased demonstrably.
50-per-ticket surtax will be levied on all concertgoers attending shows featuring demonstrably virulent rappers or bands with such unpleasant names as Guns n' Roses, Poison, L.