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As a comparison of these three articles demonstrates, despite similarities in the brutality of rape and the problems of sexual vulnerability in rural societies, rape became a very different criminal act based upon local priorities.
Assessment and Multi-Modal Opportunities to Demonstrate Mastery of Objectives
Will demonstrate new CGI water controller and water nozzle in water-injection molding of a glass-filled nylon handle on a 180-ton Sumitomo SED press.
Through its CTC High-Performance Solutions initiative, CTC demonstrates the power of Microsoft's .
Murdoch demonstrates how moral decision rests upon the agent's vision.
Note: The objective is for candidates to demonstrate safe control of the craft.
The tests will involve both real and simulated wastes and are designed to demonstrate that the WIPP facility can keep unsafe levels of radioactivity out of the environment for 10,000 years.
Expanding functionality to provide a full audio processing experience, ADI will demonstrate its technologies and products for cellular phone audio systems.
Syntax-Brillian will also demonstrate innovative technologies in its core LCD line of products, plus new entertainment content in 3D via a specially developed LCD.
Abstract #2595), Geron showed that GRN163L continues to demonstrate excellent tolerability and predictable pharmacokinetics in a Phase I/II trial in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and a Phase I trial in patients with solid tumors.
The magnitude of clinical activity observed to date with CRx-102, both on ACR 20 responses in rheumatoid arthritis and previously with AUSCAN measures in osteoarthritis, demonstrates the potential clinical utility of this new drug candidate and further validates the CombinatoRx approach.