demonstrate against

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They had come to demonstrate against him for allegedly committing "war crimes" in his fight against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
Hundreds had gathered to demonstrate against the Republican front-runner at the event in Chicago.
How is it possible that fewer people would come to demonstrate against the murder of children and innocent people than to demonstrate against the high cost of housing or the halt to building in the settlements?
THE victorious Tories, who only won 11 out of 40 Welsh seats and only one in Scotland, are berating Charlotte Church and the hundreds that joined her in Cardiff on Saturday for exercising their democratic right as voters and citizens to demonstrate against Tory cuts and attacks on the Welfare State.
The group documented human rights violations against women and ethnic Kurds, accompanied villagers living in conflicted border areas, protested against oil drilling on traditional farmland, and joined local partners in Iraq to demonstrate against violence and injustice throughout the region.
The Time for Change campaign are planning to demonstrate against owner Ashley before the Magpies' TV home game with Liverpool on October 19.
A parade led by Canadian comic Shawn Hitchins wound through Edinburgh city centre to demonstrate against 'gingerism' - described as prejudice or discrimination against people with red hair.
He escaped and parachuted safely to ground TUNISIA People demonstrate against Tunisia''''s Islamist-led government.
Buddhist monks and other protesters demonstrate against Time magazine in Yangon, Myanmar, on June 30.
UK Uncut said it will target branches of HSBC bank on Saturday, July 20, to demonstrate against the impact of the Government's welfare reforms.
Egypt's airports will raise their alert level to "high" ahead of June 30 when opposition-backed protesters plan to demonstrate against President Mohamed Morsi, security officials said on Saturday
Summary: Protests turned violent in Mexico this week when angry teachers took to the streets to demonstrate against education reforms.