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A recent study by the International Center for Indoor Environment and Energy (ICIEE) in Denmark demonstrated that improved thermal comfort, reduction in indoor pollutants, and enhanced ventilation rates and effectiveness can increase productivity by 5-10%.
Toxicity studies by this lab demonstrated that selenium deficiency upregulates enzymes important to the detoxification of some compounds, while the same deficiency increases the toxicity of other compounds.
Culture and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) demonstrated monkeypox vials in two rope squirrels (Funiscuirus spp.
Its technology will be demonstrated at Arburg and Dima booths.
At the Intel Developers Forum, Unisys also demonstrated a 16-processor McKinley-based server.
Rashford found that the claimant to succession rights had demonstrated that the owner was aware of the co-occupancy by the claimant and the tenant for 18 years.