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DEMONSTRATION. Whatever is said or written to designate a thing or person. For example, a gift of so much money, with a fund particularly referred to for its payment, so that if the fund be not the testator's property at his death, the legacy will fail; this is called a demonstrative legacy. 4 Ves. 751; Lownd. Leg. 85; Swinb. 485.
     2. A legacy given to James, who married my cousin, is demonstrative; these expressions present the idea of a demonstration; there are many James, but only one who married my cousin. Vide Ayl. Pand. 130; Dig. 12, 1, 6; Id. 35, 1, 34 Inst. 2, 20, 30.
     3. By demonstration is also understood that proof which excludes all possibility of error; for example, mathematical deductions.

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Demonstrating that remedial actions and sanctions are applied in cases of AML/CFT violations, and that these actions have an effect on AML/CFT compliance by financial institutions.
Demonstrating that authorities are identifying cash couriers and enforcing controls on the illicit movement of currency and understanding the risk of cash couriers being used for TF.
6) Demonstrating that law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are identifying and investigating the widest range of terrorist financing activity and that terrorist financing investigations and prosecutions target designated persons and entities, and persons and entities acting on behalf or at the direction of the designated persons or entities
Demonstrating larger, fully hydraulic Allrounder S series: A 275-ton Allrounder 630S will mold a table-tennis bat in a two-component, hard/soft application, while a 500-ton Allrounder 820S will mold ABS briefcase shells.
* Research demonstrating that the services they provide impact student outcomes such as achievement, safety, attendance, discipline, and postsecondary choices
You must show that you are capable by demonstrating consistent performance in roles of increasing magnitude.
Demonstrating Results: Using Outcome Measurement In Your Library by independent library consultant Rhea Joyce Rubin has as its primary focus library evaluations through outcome measurement.
She achieves this by demonstrating how gendered analyses can be used to identify sites for feminist organization and action.
Results are presented demonstrating the improved performance on various processing equipment treated with Vickersil.
The Business Development Award, sponsored by Business Development Bank of Canada, was presented to Eazy Express Inc., for demonstrating a positive attitude for job creation and growth with-in the community.
"In fact, 20 percent of those we polled said today's businesses are demonstrating an even lower level of integrity than when those scandals broke.
I was inspired to try eurhythmics with my students and was delighted when progress was immediate; one student showed long and short phrases by demonstrating them with her arm in the air, and another played the fall board to practice fast and wide-ranged shifts.