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tertium, quod descendat demonstratio a subalternante ad subalternatam.
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And even if the WADA Code would, after its adoption, control the whole language of the IOC, its Olympic Charta and its by-laws to an extent that a so called "ineligibility" could then considered to be a sanction, it is still a widely recognized principle that the mere label of a matter does not determine its substantive contents or effect (falsa demonstratio non nocet).
A enargeia era alcancada quando um relato proporcionava, por meio da descricao, a vivacidade do narrado, realizando uma demonstratio, que aponta um objeto invisivel.
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On Saturday, the English Defence League staged a demonstratio n when more than 100 people, including one dressed as Osama Bin Laden, marched with St George flags chanting "no surrender to the Taliban".
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Staff and students, who staged a demonstratio 1n on the Edgbaston campus yesterday, fear that the university's College of Social Sciences is effectively to close the department, resulting in the media, culture and society degree programme being scrapped.
In 1679 he wrote an important apologetic work, the Demonstratio evangelica, which took rise from debates he had with Menasseh Ben Israel at the Jewish temple in Amsterdam in the 1650s.

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