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The demonstrators stopped Abu Hamed's car in Salah Salem Street in Cairo and then beat him for half an hour.
After Friday prayers, demonstrators gathered in Raida to denounce the American-made anti-Islam film mocking Prophet Muhammad.
Some of the demonstrators warned against future confrontations between the people and the Army, saying these confrontations could eventually lead to Egypt's "destruction".
As some attempted to storm the building, people inside could be seen firing directly at the demonstrators at the northern edge of the square, away from the heart of the demonstration.
In a trial with demonstrator bees trained to land on orange flowers, the test bee was just as likely to visit an orange flower, regardless of whether it had observed the demonstrator.
WTSI President William Sample formally presented the demonstrator keys to George Loewen, associate director of TARDEC Concepts, Analytics, Systems Integration and Demonstrators, during an official hand-off event today at WTSI facilities in Sterling Heights, Mich.
Among the injured, the condition of one demonstrator is critical.
A security source said that a young male demonstrator died during the protests over the church and that a senior police officer was among the wounded.
Eye witness accounts--including from our own observer--point to the excessive use of tear gas by police against peaceful demonstrators and the use of plastic bullets," the organization said.
Moreover, Gold Canyon will send a separate monthly IMN Party Pulse e-newsletter to each Demonstrator on the latest promotions, and prepare consultants to maximize product sales and party bookings.
Sulaymaniyah / NINA / A demonstrator was killed and dozens injured due to clashes between demonstrators and guards of the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in the district of Bashdar of the province of Sulaymaniyah.