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is designing and producing the demonstrator gearbox for the T700 which will be retrofitted by GE Aircraft Engines and Southern Aero into a Bell Huey UH-1H.
TARANIS is jointly funded by the UK MoD and UK industry, and will bring together a number of technologies, capabilities and systems to produce a technology demonstrator based around a fully autonomous intelligent system.
Violence broke out again at the hospital as police tried to detain a wounded demonstrator, resulting in injuries to a policeman and a demonstrator, witnesses said.
NASA plans to develop a request for proposals to design and build a low sonic boom demonstrator using the information provided by the teams,'' said Bob Meyer, Dryden's project manager for the program.
REDUNDANT Tupperware demonstrators were last night told the party was not yet over after a sales company offered them new jobs.
OTCBB:SEHO)(FWB:OUP), a developer of next-generation biometric and explosive detection security technologies for government and commercial security markets, announced today the completion of a first-generation MEMS-based explosives detection demonstrator, whose cutting-edge technology could provide airports, homeland security agencies, corporate America and other customers with superior explosive detection capabilities at a fraction of current costs.
Under the contract, Alion will act as the program manager for detailed design and fabrication of an advanced, high capacity, high purity water purification technology demonstrator scheduled for seawater desalination testing at Port Hueneme, CA in June 2007.
Sulaymaniyah / NINA / A demonstrator was killed and dozens injured due to clashes between demonstrators and guards of the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in the district of Bashdar of the province of Sulaymaniyah.
The demonstrator development will cover all design and procurement of tooling, production of a 2 m demonstrators tooling, 8 m demonstrator tooling, and 1,4 m tooling for engineering testing.
They also posted a video showing a demonstrator claiming that had Abu Hamed attacked Morsy's supporters.
Eleven of the dead are Islah militiamen, and one is a demonstrator.
This is what the former President wants: a war between the Army and the people," said one demonstrator as he addressed a group of other people who stood at one end of the iconic square.