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A literature search was conducted using CINAHL and PubMed for 2013-2017 with search terms demoralization and demoralisation.
Lacson lamented, 'We cannot allow, yet again, another injustice to be committed against our heroes in uniform who are in the forefront of our fight against the ills of terrorism and criminality, lest we risk demoralization within their ranks.
Koo, M.D., from Yale University in New Haven, Conn., and colleagues sought to determine the prevalence and associated features of demoralization in PD through questionnaires completed by 94 patients with PD and 86 controls.
Numerous studies have shown the negative effects of demoralization on individuals with life-threatening medical diseases ( like cancer and acute coronary heart disease, or ( heart transplant recipients.
He continues the argument he began in the first volume, specifying systems and forms of differentiation, examining stratified societies, societal consequences, and protest movements, and then turns to self-description, observing self-observation, the semantics of Old Europe, demoralization, and modernization.
The study by researchers at the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health at the Mailman School of Public Health reports that maternal demoralization, a measure of psychological distress capable of affecting a mother's ability to cope with stressful situations, was linked with a number of behavioural problems, including anxiety, depression, attention problems, rule-breaking, externalizing problems, and aggressive behaviour.
According to Mr Marco Mtunga, the Acting Director General of the Tanzania Cotton Board, the resolution was reached in May last year by cotton industry stakeholders that contract farming should be implemented throughout the country's Western Cotton Growing Area (WCGA), beginning 2011/2012 growing season.Throughout history, cotton production in Tanzania has been faced with low productivity, poor cotton quality and a low level of mechanization that has resulted in demoralization of cotton farmers, who started opting for alternative cash crops such as tobacco.
This terrorist act directed to destabilization of the situation in the country and demoralization of society.There was paid special attention to the necessity of closer cooperation among competent bodies in fight against new threats and challenges.
To abandon all amenities is to court demoralization.
In some ways his argument reads like a circumspect updating of Guy Debord's "diffuse" form of spectacle, as opposed to its "concentrated" forms: i.e., a system that does not overthrow existing political arrangements but parasitically occupies and empties them of efficacy: that has no need of charismatic leadership, collective mobilization, or compulsory fervor but operates through individual privatization, demoralization, and uncertainty.
This faith has been replaced by a "demoralization" and a distancing from the morality and culture that once guided behaviour.
Compared with more easygoing peers, perfectionists were also more likely to experience vital exhaustion, a state characterized by feelings of fatigue, demoralization and irritability that is a risk factor for heart disease.