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Collective demoralization impacts our relationships, sense of community and willingness to work together to engage in much-needed restoration.
The effects of demoralization were greatest among children with higher levels of prenatal exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in air pollution.
In short, property law can offer morale benefits that are every bit as critical as demoralization costs.
Conversely, calling our schools by other names, such as junior colleges or two-year colleges, not only detracts from what we do best, but it can also be inaccurate and lead to the demoralization of our students.
The powers use tactics including negative sanctions, rewards and promises, isolation and division, demoralization and diversion, surveillance and secrecy, language and image to secure their own survival, dominate humanity, and bring chaos to the world.
To the Editor: David Kissane's article, "The Contribution of Demoralization to End of Life Decision Making" (HCR, July-August 2004), and Linda Ganzini and Holly Prigerson's thoughtful rejoinder, "The Other Side of the Slippery Slope," serve to illustrate that psychiatry is medicine's lightening rod for society's stormy conflicts.
They may be reluctant because of the subsequent demoralization when only a few patients actually follow their advice.
I was invited to explore how priests may live this moment of crisis and demoralization with hope.
One is that they are reluctant because of the subsequent demoralization when only a few patients actually follow their advice.
It has never occurred to us that trade associations were ever organized to embroil the industry in a cat-and-dog-fight type of competition which not only contributed to the clisintegration of the industry but to its complete demoralization as well.
Kissane and colleagues have proposed demoralization syndrome as a psychiatric diagnosis that relates to palliative care, describing "its core or essential features [as] hopelessness, existential distress with loss of purpose and meaning, pessimism, helplessness, and some degree of isolation" (6, p.