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We believe that this is a planned act with an intent to demoralize our agents, as the illegal drug syndicates try to shake our core,' Aquino said in a statement.
"You should not demoralize yourselves and do your businesses.
Sitharaman also said that Bhushan's statement, about referendum based deployment of forces in these areas, is going to demoralize the forces and state governments, who are trying hard to sort out this problem.
Keeping other scores off the scoreboard, or putting them on in an effort to demoralize someone, or send a message, or provide psychological impetus, as he did in the last couple of games, is childish nonsense that costs him respect in his locker room, his front office and around the league.
The administration feared that images of the war's dead would demoralize the country and further erode support for the war's broad strategy.
This can demoralize operators and craftspeople since items they find still break instead of being repaired when discovered.
designed to explode three feet above the ground and send a devastating wave of fire and blast several hundred yards to kill troops, flatten trees, knock over structures and demoralize those beyond the immediate impact zone (New York Times, B3, 11/23/0 1) certainly was demoralizing in this tribes "impact zone" I was thinking they should have dropped huge turkeys instead but I guess along with a new millennium, a new President and a new war we Americans also get a whole new definition of flower power
To help students understand how Germany, Japan, and Vietnam used female radio personalities to try to demoralize American troops--and why, at least in the case of the German and Japanese broadcasts, the strategy didn't work.
Terming the firing an act of cowardliness, Raja Farooq said such an incident would not demoralize the people of Kashmir.