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'Ayokong malagay sa alanganin ang ating kapulisan, ma-demoralize sila, (at) masira ang momentum (I don't want the police force to be put into uncertainty, or them to be demoralized and break their momentum),' Lacson said.
Farouk Ksentini, Chairman of Algeria's National Consultative Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, said his contacts with ex-fighters who have surrendered indicated the remaining insurgents were deeply demoralized. "This is why I think things are going to come to a definitive conclusion very soon," Ksentini told Reuters in an interview.
The staff are the most demoralized workforce in British television and are extremely disappointed at the way the company has been run down."
The market is not in a state of paralysis -- there is definite activity in various niches -- but it has been demoralized by the listless stock market, economic uncertainty and negative ripple effects from Manhattan.
Apparently sensing that a quick recovery was not at hand, the museum slashed eighty jobs on November 9, reducing its staff by roughly 20 percent and leaving many demoralized and apprehensive.
According to the 1996 Task Force on Presidential Appointments, the appointment process has discouraged and demoralized qualified and talented candidates.
In trying to micromanage thousands of facilities nationwide from HCFA headquarters in Washington, HCFA simply expects too much, both of itself and of those hardworking, caring, but often (when it comes to paperwork) hapless, uninterested, unschooled, overwhelmed, resentful, demoralized and confused people it regulates.
If we succeed, we will better serve the public interest and bequeath to our successors a profession strengthened, ennobled and invigorated rather than enervated, demoralized and diminished.
By getting you to accept defeat before the contest is truly decided, you become demoralized and will often surrender, never knowing how close you were to victory.
In August 1996 they recaptured the remains of Grozny from 12,000 undertrained and demoralized Russian troops.
Well-fed at the front, soldiers were often demoralized by the conditions they saw and experienced at home and, in effect, felt stabbed in the back by a government which failed to take care of their families.
Others, though, are more alienated and demoralized than that.