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A nurse writing about her exodus from long term care lamented that "every state survey was the same: demeaning, demoralizing, and at times downright rude and disrespectful to staff members who loved their residents and who were doing just about anything to promote their well-being." She complained that there was "no room for humanness, and no praise for effort." And she was bothered that along with identification of errors was the implication of intentional motives.
Joel, by contrast, represents sound judgment distilled to its demoralizing essence: he tentatively resumes a high-school affair with a woman who has grown up to be the wife of a mobster; his first vacation in eleven years finds him on a quest to find Cindy Island, who, when he surprisingly does (Kaplan has implied she's dead), sadly informs him that "the past is past."
Retrenchment against affirmative action has become the order of the day even though, as the Texaco case made clear, corporate racism is alive and well For too many, more work has brought fewer rewards, and professional life has come to resemble the hell described by Du Bois-- or at best a demoralizing purgatory.
The demoralizing effect of this worldview is everywhere."
The unit will be serving patients of all ages, and family members may find it demoralizing to walk through a geriatric facility to visit their 29-year-old son.
What was Axis Sally's favorite strategy for demoralizing American soldiers?
Most of the attendees felt confident that HCFA got the message that PPS is having a negative effect on resident care, demoralizing staff and driving health professionals from the industry, and threatening to force some of the largest nursing home providers into bankruptcy.
In his most opinionated mode of all, Ru explains why he was nasty to Milton Berle on the MTV Video Awards - Berle had apparently been groping and demoralizing him backstage.