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The four were demoted for violating Communist Party rules and procedures.
When it comes to Pluto, New Horizons' mission has taught us that it's bigger than we thought and its size was one of the reasons it was demoted," he said.
According to the source, those have been demoted include Sub-Inspector Aurangzeb, Head Constable Shakeel Azam, deputed at Cabinet Secretariat, and Head Constable Imtiaz.
The Council of State ruled in June that 8,400 unlawfully demoted principals should be allowed to return to their former posts.
A report said of the pilot, 56: "He had been told he would be one of several captains who would be demoted and that his salary would reduce significantly.
According to details, DPO has issued dismissal from service orders of Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Kashif , Zahid and Constable Waseem while demoted SI Mehrban Khan to the rank of Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI).
But then he was demoted by Labour leader Ed Miliband to a junior position as a universities minister.
An official close to Khan said that the veteran cricketer is really angry and disappointed about being demoted to B category and has decided not to sign it.
Later, the utility man reportedly attempted to invent an injury, demanding that he be placed on the disabled list rather than be demoted to Triple-A.
Summary: The dean of the American University of Beirut's business school has been demoted, with the institution declining to explain the reason behind the sudden change.
Senior North Korean military officer Hyon Yong Chol has been demoted from the rank of vice marshal to a four-star general, according to a report by the North's official Korean Central News Agency.
1 million) on its return to the stock market on Wednesday, funds which the club hopes will help to support a recovery after being demoted to the fourth tier in Scotland.