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The district court found that GSK did not violate FMLA in demoting Schaaf, and the 11th Circuit agreed.
McPherson could be demoted: The Angels have discussed demoting third baseman Dallas McPherson to the minor leagues.
I do not see why that we as a board are shocked that this is what he was doing," said Rosenberg, who voted against demoting Remington.
The action asserts that the company began a course of conduct in mid-1997 designed to demote, or which had the effect of demoting, Mr.
ViewPlus for ConferenceManager also provides the conference host with the ability to view polling results in real-time and to manage their Q&A session by promoting, demoting, or removing participants from the queue.
DeMoura said the reorganization will save about $250,000 by demoting six superior officers, who will see significant pay cuts.
He completed his changes by poaching one of Gordon Brown's favourite proteges and demoting another.