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Remington's demotion led to state Attorney General Brian Sandoval's filing of a lawsuit against the regents alleging several violations of the law.
The jury found for the plaintiffs and awarded Scott $700,000 and Johnson $625,000 in damages for past and anticipated lost earnings as a result of the demotion.
The goal was not only to determine what personnel planners thought about demotions, but what they had done and were planning to do in the future.
O'Brien said his budget proposal has identified 131 positions designated for layoffs and demotions to address the $7 million shortfall in the fiscal 2012 budget.
Remington, in his first interview since his demotion, said he was blind-sided by his demotion.
Perhaps this dissonance between a new contract filled with questionable incentives and the dubious demotions of superior officers is part of the learning curve to a fuller understanding of the severity of the financial crisis.
Lewis ordered the May 19 demotions as part of a reassignment of duties.
The Executive Employee Relations Committee, which consists of Mayor Richard Riordan and four City Council members, voted in closed session not to act on a request by Banks and Piersol to maintain their salary levels in the face of demotions set to take effect July 6.
Comrie said his office will submit a report on the history and legal issues involved in the demotions and pay-grade system, and then the EERC will meet Thursday before forwarding a recommendation to the full council.
Today's demotions don't necessarily look like those 20 years ago, in which you went from being a boss back to a worker bee.
Nearly 800 Los Angeles County workers from throughout the sprawling county health system will be given notices today that they face layoffs, demotions or transfers Oct.
Though the cuts clearly will hurt workers who face layoffs, demotions or transfers, Health Services Department Director Mark Finucane said he believed patients would suffer relatively little from the cuts.