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It is popular among patients with inflammatory bowel disease, with effects that are thought to derive from its demulcent properties.
Medicinally, the oil is known as a demulcent (a substance capable of soothing abraded mucus membranes) and a emollient (soothing to the skin).
The polymer-mucin interaction stabilizes and rebuilds the tear film by forming a scaffolding system, allowing water and the product's demulcent active ingredients to be retained on the cornea.
And, the new formula contains glycerin, an FDA-listed oral demulcent.
Trigonella Actions that may support Reportedly used foenum- galactagogue effect: in ancient Egypt graecum Demulcent as a galactagogue (fenugreek) Diaphoretic (Toppo 2009).
Marshmallow is a soothing demulcent, ideal for any inflammation in the digestive tract.
Because it has demulcent properties, Irish moss has been used as a home remedy, especially for respiratory ailments; a popular health periodical dated 1831 described it as such.
Hara (PPY) of Lilaceae family, mostly distributed in the southwest of China, is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for antifebrile, alexipharmic, detumescent, demulcent, hemostatic, and the treatment of hepatopathy.
It is also used in various drugs as expectorant, anti tussive, demulcent and anti-inflammatory purposes (Hayashi et al.
It is said to be soothing to the digestion with its soft demulcent properties.
Herbalists all over the world use burdock; the roots and seeds are a soothing demulcent, tonic, and alterative that soothes the entire system's mucous membrane.
This naturally-derived protein and its ability to effectively integrate with a demulcent, allows for improved spreading in vitro and may play a key role in the management of dry eye disease.