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If you remember what we were talking about you will hardly believe that I caught myself grinning down at that demure little girl.
An almost imperceptible alteration in her bearing; a slight droop of her head perhaps--a mere nothing--made her look more demure than ever.
The close bonnet and demure air you describe so well(and nothing was ever juster), tell one what is expected; but I got into a dreadful scrape last year from the want of them.
Miss Daisy Leonard was still demure, bat as she had just slipped a piece of ice down the back of Nutty's neck one may assume that she was feeling at her ease and had overcome any diffidence or shyness which might have interfered with her complete enjoyment of the festivities.
To be sure, they were hardly as silent and demure as those wonderful creatures, nor were they by any means as diligent.
Or go to church next Sunday, and watch a certain family filing in, the boy lifting his legs high to show off his new boots, but all the others demure, especially the timid, unobservant-looking little woman in the rear of them.
On ordinary days she at least tries to look demure, but on a Thursday she has had the assurance to use the glass door of the club as a mirror in which to see how she likes her engaging trifle of a figure to-day.
But the black satin hairbow also is femininity's demure, impersonal, common ornament, and tells no tales.
Yet this demure affectation of extreme penitence was whimsically belied by a ludicrous meaning which lurked in his huge features, and seemed to pronounce his fear and repentance alike hypocritical.
And yet,'' said the Friar, resuming his demure hypocritical countenance, ``I know not what penance I ought to perform for that most sacrilegious blow
She showed him her ball book with demure satisfaction when he strolled instead of rushed up to claim her for the next, a glorious polka redowa.
He saw a short word prepared for Emma, and given to her with a look sly and demure.